In The Woods – Window Dressing For Our Utility Room

Finished Cafe Curtains

Purchasing tension curtain rods, several yards of canopy twill fabric with a navy and white stripe, 10 yards of red ribbon, and stitch witchery I was ready to make four no-sew cafe curtains for my utility room.  It was a learning process of trial and error.  All in all I am happy with the end result.

Here is a general overview of what I learned from the process.  Before measuring or planning the layout of each curtain panel consider; prewashing and drying, then iron to smooth the fabric (because your fabric might shrink, it is better to find out before then after the fact). Sometimes it is helpful to stretch and pull the fabric from opposite corners before ironing to help even up the weave. Lastly, square the fabric by bringing the selvage edges (two edges that will not fray) together, and then mark a straight line across the fabric edge. Trim the uneven excess from the fabric.

Close Up of Button Garland

First I hemmed the edges using stitch witchery tape, then I hemmed the top and bottom. For heavier fabric you might want to consider fabric glue.  I inserted the tension rod in the top hem.  After I hung the curtain, I rolled up the bottom to the desired length, and tied it in place with a piece of unattached ribbon which I had hung over the rod.   At a later date I might insert a small dowel in the bottom of the curtain hem to make the edge firm and straight.

Also the window was to wide for a single measure of fabric so I made the window dressing in two panels.  The button garland fills the area between the two panels.

All told, the entire project including the buttons cost $40.00 (US).   I purchased the fabric on-line and wasn’t entirely happy with the quality, but  I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted locally so I took the chance at ordering it from an online outlet someone had recommended.


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