The Killing Field

The ground was covered in a pristine blanket of snow.  Large fluffy snowflakes fell, filling the void between the house and trees. The tranquil setting was abruptly shattered when a loud muffled thud sounded throughout the room.  Knowing what I would see before I looked, I reluctantly peered out the window. There cradled in the newly fallen snow lay a finch with wings outstretched.  He would fly no more.

Birds cannot discern that the trees and sky reflected in the window are a one dimensional solid surface, so I had to make the window visible to the bird. Researching the problem there were a whole host of possible solutions such as affixing static adhering window stickers to the surface, closing the blinds or curtains, marking the window pane with vertical lines using soap, markers or tape.

Our new windows are manufactured with a self-cleaning system. I was reluctant to try any of the options that required applying product directly to the window surface that could possibly void the warranty. Closing the drapes or blinds wasn’t an option because the windows in question do not have a window treatment. So…. I could put the screens back on the windows. Then if a bird hit the window the screen would soften the impact of the hit or I could return to the idea of making the window more visible.  Of the two options, I decided to try to make the windows more visible.  Giving it some thought throughout the day, suddenly I had an aha moment. Digging through my Christmas decorations, I pulled out frosted glass icicles.  The longest icicle was 18 inches.

By tying clear fishing line to the each icicle I extended their length so they would hang in the hit area of the window.  After installing each icicle approximately 4 inches apart across the width of the windows I waited. After a couple of days I have not found another bird lying on the deck.  But if in the future the problem persists, I will hang the icicles on the outside of the window from a dowel where they would be more prominent.

Kietie’s Olde Thyme Soap


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Down in my basement, lined neatly on a shelf are handwritten notebooks chronicling my life. After years of writing, the experience became more of a burden then an important part of my day so I quit writing. Five years later I took up writing again. This time it was in the form of a blog which gave me a place to hang out after I lost my job. From there my blog content morphed into writing about my general contractor experience building our house. As my life experiences grew so did my blog.

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