Moving Target

Like a magnetic, animals are drawn to a new car.  As a moving target, a driver has to be on his or her toes 100 percent of the time. 
Last night, without a care in the world, a group of deer were leisurely crossing the road.  Seeing our car, like a game of freeze tag, they stopped dead in their tracks.  Recognizing the deer-in-the-headlight-syndrome, my husband who had applied the brakes, laid on the horn.  At this point, it is was a crapshoot whether or not his strategy would work.  We were in luck, it did!
With six foot plus snowbanks lining a driveway, we had no warning when a very large black dog darted right out in front of us.  Luckily the dog had a bit more sense then the deer, he did a 180, missing our car by inches.  
At a dead run, a raccoon made a mad dash across the roadway from another hidden driveway. With a split second to react, my husband slammed on the brakes, buying the raccoon a precious second or two that would save his life.
Looking at my husband in disbelief, I couldn’t believe we had dodged the bullet; not once, not twice, but three times in one evening.

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Down in my basement, lined neatly on a shelf are handwritten notebooks chronicling my life. After years of writing, the experience became more of a burden then an important part of my day so I quit writing. Five years later I took up writing again. This time it was in the form of a blog which gave me a place to hang out after I lost my job. From there my blog content morphed into writing about my general contractor experience building our house. As my life experiences grew so did my blog.

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