Released by the wind a lone red maple leaf fell from a branch spinning like a top. The descending leaf was caught by the evergreen waiting below.

Begrudging the evergreen of its treasure, I longed to steal the leaf collection gathered in his boughs. Shushing the wind, I would return the leaves to their rightful owner. Oh, if only it were possible to delay the onset of autumn.  If only for a few short weeks.  Autumn is such a fleeting season.  For once dressed in her bright colors, winter will soon follow and bury autumns colorful treasure under a blanket of snow.


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Down in my basement, lined neatly on a shelf are handwritten notebooks chronicling my life. After years of writing, the experience became more of a burden then an important part of my day so I quit writing. Five years later I took up writing again. This time it was in the form of a blog which gave me a place to hang out after I lost my job. From there my blog content morphed into writing about my general contractor experience building our house. As my life experiences grew so did my blog.

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