MC Touring – Springs Promise

A cleansing spring rain scrubbed the road surface clean, washing away the remaining salt. It was time……carefully the dust cover was lifted, the Harley chrome came alive. Soon the distinctive Harley rumble echoed off the surrounding trees. A second dust cover was lifted. Vibrant orange flames came alive against the cherry red background. The Harley and Honda were ready to ride.

Ahead, the escape from storage was a muddied dirt road, A precarious ride ensued as we navigated around the swishy areas where the frost was still working its way up to the surface. At last the dirt road ended. We paused before we geared up and hit the highway.

You didn’t have to see the lowland snow along the roadway or the remaining lake ice, you could feel it. Like entering a cooler, the temps dropped significantly when passing by. The first ride of the season was exhilarating, the thrill of riding hadn’t diminished over the long winter months.

But winter wasn’t finished yet, it was not ready to yield to spring. This warm spring weekend soon gave way to snow showers.


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Down in my basement, lined neatly on a shelf are handwritten notebooks chronicling my life. After years of writing, the experience became more of a burden then an important part of my day so I quit writing. Five years later I took up writing again. This time it was in the form of a blog which gave me a place to hang out after I lost my job. From there my blog content morphed into writing about my general contractor experience building our house. As my life experiences grew so did my blog.

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