Spring in Waiting

We have had a few false starts to spring, although the spring beauties are blooming, and the odorous aroma of wild leeks fill the air.  For the most part, their brothers and sisters remain in a holding pattern, buds ready to pop, longing for a warm stretch of weather.

Likewise a host of songbirds visit our feeders everyday.  Singing joyfully, anticipating springs blooming, so they can get down to business.

Springs promise fills the air, replenishing the soul.

I am

Although it would seem our life journey has taken us on very different paths.  Somehow, whenever we are together, I feel like I have come home.  Over the past few tumultuous years, I have had quiet solitude to reflect and understand self.

Each revelation of self has quieted my troubled heart and mind.  Behind this veiled curtain stood the manifestation of my spirituality.  God, the essence of who we are, had been lost in the quagmire of being human.

Energy Efficiency In Excess

Our four year old home has aluminum clad windows (interior wood, exterior aluminum)  …..for two years running we have experienced an excessive collection of moisture on our windows and french doors when the temps dip below freezing.  For two years the overall expert consensus was the moisture problem was attributable to new home construction, and it would diminish with time as the construction material (drywall, lumber, etc.) aged and lost moisture.

Entering our third winter, the new construction life theory had expired, we continued to have a moisture problem.  The new theory was our home was too energy efficient (airtight).

Although I appreciate the overall concept of energy efficiency, I think in some cases it has become counterproductive.  Prior to installing the air exchange system, we were opening doors during the deep freeze of winter to counter the moisture build up on our windows (cold air has less moisture).  Worked great.  But, we were defeating the purpose of building with energy efficient technology.  So far the air exchange system has solved our moisture problem, even as the temps have dipped into negative digits.