Grasp tight, a thousand seeds, above fertile ground suspended.

Harvest moon, shadowed night, fallow field untended.

Violent winds, stormy nights, lost promise not intended.


Where To Begin

Where to begin, that is the question.  To begin at the beginning, one would have to recognize an anomaly.  Searching through years upon years, layers upon layers of garbage in search of the causation would be pointless.  A total waste of precious time.  To do so, one would have to see and recognize from an adult perception, what was based on a child’s sight.  Crazy, let’s not even go there.

Beginning in the now; first; there was always an uneasiness with the biblical and concept of family.  Growing up it was understood to never question, but to accept truth as dictated by family and community.  Not having another apposing point of reference; one whom wasn’t not part of……. drifted.  Anchored to none.  Second; there was mirage of family and community harmony.  So ingrained, it took a lifetime to recognize, to filter through the fallacy.

It should be noted; on the surface the person in question lived to please.  A temporary bridge to assimilate to the family/community truth.  One could only hope through the years of blind adherence, the essence of the truth would prevail.  Which brings us to the here and now.  Teetering on the edge; questioning all that was and perceived as is, could either lead to total destruction or the beginning of an enlightened journey beyond.

Spring in Waiting

We have had a few false starts to spring, although the spring beauties are blooming, and the odorous aroma of wild leeks fill the air.  For the most part, their brothers and sisters remain in a holding pattern, buds ready to pop, longing for a warm stretch of weather.

Likewise a host of songbirds visit our feeders everyday.  Singing joyfully, anticipating springs blooming, so they can get down to business.

Springs promise fills the air, replenishing the soul.